Thursday, January 11, 2018

How do I stop wanting it with other women?

Naked couple in bed

My ex-was apparently a sweet girl but in reality, she was depressed on and off, was manipulative, lied a lot and cheated on me so I had no option but to break up with her.

After that, there was some drama until she understood it was over and left me alone.

That being said, the sex was out of this world. She wanted it in every hole, every position, 24/7. She used to text me I want your dick right or I'm gonna die.

I didn't have much experience and that gave me a huge self-esteem boost, that she wanted all day every day, but I've been realizing that she was just unstable and borderline sex addicted it seems. She wanted it 4 or 5 times every session. She also wanted to solve every fight with more sex.

So now I've dated 3 women since and the sex is not the same. They don't drive insane in and out of the bedroom so I think I have this unhealthy dynamic where I want that madness all the time.

I'm dating a religious woman right now. She's sweet as can be and beautiful. We had sex last week and was vanilla because she was a virgin but also because that's how she is. I found myself wanting to fuck her really rough a few times but obviously didn't.

Is there something wrong with me? I had never wanted to have only rough sex before. I enjoyed the intimacy and she had a great time but I left somewhat unsatisfied. How do I break away from this? I want to enjoy vanilla sex too and maybe gradually start doing other stuff but I'm stuck in the 0 to 100 in one night dynamic my ex-used to have.