He was married… and I knew I wanted to break the rules

Woman outdoor sex

He asked me if I wanted a personal tour and I agreed. Although I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew he was my professor and we should be able to do these things together. But our sexual chemistry was palpable and he was married… and I knew I wanted to break the rules.

When we turned together toward the trail I made sure to pass close to his right side, grazing my fingertips over his back to let him know I was behind him. Light, innocent, and completely intentional. I giggled and joked on our way toward our destination, making sure to keep a good distance from him, because I was already aching and dripping, and I didn’t know if I wanted this to go any farther, yet.

We made it to the spot and we were on top of each other in an instant. Our bodies and tongues were pressed together desperately, instantly hating the barrier of clothing between them. I pulled back from him and pulled my tank top over my head. My breasts fell softly, nipples pointing hard with lust. He made a short gasp and stepped forward to take one in his mouth. He sucked the hard little nib, tickling it with his teeth and driving me mad. We both moaned loudly, knowing we only had the woods around us. I shrieked with the hunger for him as he wrapped his strong arms around my back to suck my nipple even harder. I noticed over my left shoulder a newly felled pine laying on the edge of the clearing. I peeled myself from him and walked to the trunk, unbuttoning my jeans on the way. I kicked off one boot quickly and wrenched one leg out of my pants. Sitting on the edge of the tree trunk I showed him that I was glistening. My fingers couldn’t help but explore, as I was dripping down my thigh. I needed to see his cock.

He walked toward me on the tree, unbuckling his belt. I reached forward and pulled him toward my face, helping him finish the job. He fell from the front of his pants, hard and thick. I swallowed him whole instantly, feeling like a rabid animal. I needed to please him and hear him moan. I cupped his balls in my left hand and gobbled him like a whore. He was saying my name and holding my hair. I slapped him on my tongue, sending electric shocks through my own body with every naughty, wet smack. I couldn’t wait any longer and I didn’t need to say anything.

“Come Here.” He said gruffly as he dropped to his knees and lifted my ass toward him. “Fuck yes!” I couldn’t help but to scream out loud as I felt his mouth cover my slit. He licked me one time, catching my little bud on the end and flicking it lightly. He inserted two fingers and coated them with my moisture. Two more times he did this, torturing me as I writhed on my back, leaning against the hard bark. As my head was thrown back he positioned himself and, while supporting my hips with his big, rough hands, I felt him bury himself inside of me. The surprise of his penetration excited me even more. I leaned up to watch him stretch me open. I could see his muscles straining and twitching as he held himself there, getting comfortable while my fingers scratched his back and body, desperately trying to pull him in further. He began to slowly thrust in and out of me and we both watched as he split me in two. My cream covered him quickly as I moaned over and over again, barely able to stand how badly I needed his body. He picked up his pace and I bounced up and down on him, using the tree as leverage to slam him into me as hard as I could.

I turned over and laid over the trunk to present my fat ass to him, using my hands to open myself and invite him in. He entered me from behind and pounded me right away. I rubbed my hard, swollen clit as he slammed into me, grunting and spanking me until I had red marks. We were both completely overtaken with primal lust. My knees began to shake on the ground as I felt my peak coming. He felt my body begin to quake and he asked me, “Can I cum inside of you?” “Yes! Please fill me up! Please!” With that, he groaned and slammed his hard member into me three more times as he did just as I asked, also milking my convulsive orgasm from my body. He fell on top of me and we tried to catch our breath. As we dressed we smiled and knew we had broken a lot of rules…. But it was fun… and as I felt his cum dripping down my leg, I knew we would do it again.
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